Well, the poetry didn’t go over as well as I hoped it would. I guess the poems I picked were probably a little bit too much for their ages.  I just wanted to expose them, though, and even if they don’t ‘understand’ them (why does everything have to be understood?) I think it was a good exercise in reading something new and different.

Drew was the most interested but I think she was just being nice to me and doing it to not hurt my feelings.

Liam lost interest after the first poem.

So, For Liam he liked the poem ‘The Eagle’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson the best and Drew liked ‘The Arrow and the Song’ by Henry Longfellow.

We did have a long discussion about trees and the various types after she read ‘Trees’ by Sarah Coleridge which was nice.

I think I am going to get back to just reading books they want to read.

I let them color what they thought the poem was about and here are the results.

Liam’s Picture:



Drew’s Pictures:








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