The Case for Christ – Review

My wife and I were finally able to watch Case for Christ now that it is out on Netflix. Honestly, I had been avoiding it. I generally don’t like Christian movies and it usually is because of the acting or the production value or that the script is too predictable. Read more…

By Nate Weger, ago
Book Review

Jeff Suwak’s Book – No Punchline: Or, The Night Chale Thayer Blew his Head off at the Punch Drunk Comedy Club – Review and Discussion

You just never know who you might find on Twitter.  I started chatting with Jeff Suwak after tweeting this: Every Grain Of Sand by Bob Dylan Songfacts via @songfacts — Nate Weger (@run8tech) December 21, 2017 I was looking into songs that were influenced by William Blake and the Read more…

By Nate Weger, ago