Summer Reading NOT Going as well as hoped.


Summer reading has not gone as well as hoped.  It is hard for them to want to read instead of watch TV, or play with their toys or…

It didn’t help that we went camping for two weekends in a row and then spent most of the week away.

I am finding it hard to keep them fed with consistent books that they like and that are not too hard.  Trying to keep it fun and not like school is hard.  So, I dropped having them write a book review and let them read whatever they want.

Will update on the three books that they read.

We did go to the library and get their ‘bronze’ award for reading 5 hours.  It was a disappointment since it was a carabiner that looked like it cost 25 cents.  In fact, my daughters broke in less than 5 minutes.

I think I might have to sweeten the awards for Silver (10 hours) and gold (15 hours).

At least when I came home last night from work I saw this:

Summer Reading June






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