Oak Island – Why is this History Channel show so popular?

My family expectantly waits every week for the next History Channel’s Oak Island episode.  It has become a Wednesday night ritual (because we buy it from Amazon we get it a day later).  I have wondered why this series is so popular (especially with guys) but seeing as it hits a major Biblical theme and archetype it is easy to see why.

There is something inside every one of us that is drawn to hidden treasure.

Jesus told a parable about someone who finds treasure  and the excitement of finding the treasure and selling all they had to acquire the treasure is a metaphor for the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God (and God Himself) is hidden for everyone individually.  You must seek for it (Him) yourself to find it.  For it to have any value personally you need to look for it. God reveals Himself to those who search for Him.

‘Ask, Seek, Knock and the door will be opened’

It is not just a dogma where you  believe in A, B and C and then you get the treasure.  The treasure is revealed only if you search.

This is why so many people are disillusioned with religious belief.  They see it as something to learn or follow rather than as something to explore and seek out. It is a great adventure and its archetypes and symbols are everywhere and in everything.

Faith vs. Science

The two brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, are the opposite extremes. Marty is skeptical (“not a believer”), scientific, the money of the operation.  His brother Rick is the soul,  the older brother,  the dreamer.

Marty -Skeptic
Rick – Believer

If the treasure is to be found it will probably be found using science but it will also be found because of the tenacity of faith.  Without faith the whole enterprise (drill rigs, divers, etc) would not have been there.  There is not enough ‘sure’ evidence that the treasure exists but there is enough to have faith that it is there and searching for it is a reasonable endeavor.

There are hints along the way – pottery from 190 feet below the surface, coins from the 18th century spread about. Not unlike ‘miracles’ and religious experiences that leave a trail for the faithful to say ‘look see‘ and the skeptical to go ‘well there must be an explanation‘ but at the same time these hints might make them possibly start to doubt their doubt.

Will they find the treasure?  Who knows but it is an exciting adventure and a great example of how faith and skepticism can come together by the love of the two brothers. I for one am a believer.









3 responses to “Oak Island – Why is this History Channel show so popular?”

  1. Ruth Avatar

    I loved this blog. I really appreciated you talking about the Christian walk as a great adventure. I truly believe this.

  2. CDizzle Avatar

    Awesome blog. Most talk about science vs. Faith as alternatives, its either one or the other. However the two brothers prove you need both, and neither of the two could get their alone.

    1. DrewLiamNash Avatar

      I like that take on it CDizzle

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