Category: Choice

  • The Case for Christ – Review

    My wife and I were finally able to watch Case for Christ now that it is out on Netflix. Honestly, I had been avoiding it. I generally don’t like Christian movies and it usually is because of the acting or the production value or that the script is too predictable. It didn’t help that I saw […]

  • We Did Not Choose to Exist But We Can Choose to Not Exist

    Was there a choice involved in you being born?  I know that when my wife and I wanted to have kids we ‘chose’ to try and have them which basically meant that we removed any kind of birth control and tried to increase the chance of getting pregnant.  Still it took awhile and there were […]

  • Paradox – Great for your life if you can incorporate it.

    There is something within us that dislikes and likes paradox at the same time which of course is in itself a paradox (Hence, the success of Terminator). For some reason there is something that seems to resonate on a deeper level with humans when they are forced to unhinge from the neat packaging of reason […]