Category: Summer Reading 2016

  • The Christian Roots of Postmodernism

    Review of Explaining postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault by Stephen Hicks My attention was directed to this book by Jordan Peterson but I had first heard about ‘postmodernism’ listening to Ravi Zacharius on YouTube. Although Stephen is not shy letting the reader know what he thinks of postmodernism from his ‘rational’ philosophical […]

  • What a Turn Around!

    Well, The last week has been like day and night compared to the last post. The kids blasted through the silver medal (10 hours) and Drew even is reading for fun! Once again I think the keys are good incentives and GOOD BOOKS. I am able to email the library with lists that I put […]

  • Summer Reading NOT Going as well as hoped.

    Well… Summer reading has not gone as well as hoped.  It is hard for them to want to read instead of watch TV, or play with their toys or… It didn’t help that we went camping for two weekends in a row and then spent most of the week away. I am finding it hard […]

  • Poetry Results are In!

    Well, the poetry didn’t go over as well as I hoped it would. I guess the poems I picked were probably a little bit too much for their ages.  I just wanted to expose them, though, and even if they don’t ‘understand’ them (why does everything have to be understood?) I think it was a […]

  • Next reading Challenge – Poetry!

    Ok, before we do another round of 3 books I wanted to expose the kids to some poetry. So, I found some poems that are pretty straight forward and a couple that are a little more abstract. I put them each on a piece of paper and let the kid’s read and talk about them […]

  • The Book Review Winners Are – Drew Daywalt & Kate DiCamillo

    So, it is turning out that we pick three books and the kid’s read all three and then they tell me what their favorite one is and why (maybe will get some video of this). Then, thanks to the nice review sheets from the ‘Book-It’ program by Pizza Hut they write a review for me […]

  • Let the reading begin!

    So the Booklings stopped off at the local Pierce County library and signed all of its members up for its summer reading program. Then we went downtown and signed up for Puyallup library’s summer reading program too.  We also took the opportunity to pick up some books to start.  I have never seen the kids […]

  • Making up some reading Lists for the kids and signing them up for our local Library’s Summer Reading Program

    So with the help of Pizza Hut and the local library here in Puyallup I have started putting together some reading lists. The Puyallup Library has some really good incentives if the kids complete 15 hours of reading (Free books, Baseball Game, Zoo Passes) and I was able to sign up for even my 3 […]

  • 2016 Summer Reading!

      School’s almost done and this summer I want to help my 3 kids with some reading. My thought is that for each child I am going to pick 3 books for them to read. 1 – classic 1 – newer published 1 – self published   I am not going to tell them anything […]