Category: War and Peace

  • The Son – By Jo Nesbø, Discussion and Analysis

      I was given this book from a friend at work who recommended it. I make it a point that if someone I know recommends a book to me out of the blue to read it.  It is only because very few people I know read let alone recommend books. I have to be honest, […]

  • The Christian Roots of Postmodernism

    Review of Explaining postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault by Stephen Hicks My attention was directed to this book by Jordan Peterson but I had first heard about ‘postmodernism’ listening to Ravi Zacharius on YouTube. Although Stephen is not shy letting the reader know what he thinks of postmodernism from his ‘rational’ philosophical […]

  • War and Peace – Patriarchy versus Matriarchy

    I finally finished War & Peace after 2 years of reading!  The wonders of Kindle and being able to keep your place across multiple devices. I slowly consumed this grand novel like one would eat a small elephant. A little bite here and a little bite there;  on the train, on my tablet or at […]