• We Should Not Be Here But We Are

    dubito ergo sum (“I doubt, therefore I am”)  – Augustine We exist, at least we believe that we exist.  I am going on the assumption that if you are reading this (or listening to someone reading this) that you are a sentient conscious being that believes in your own existence.  I am sure that there […]

  • War and Peace – Patriarchy versus Matriarchy

    I finally finished War & Peace after 2 years of reading!  The wonders of Kindle and being able to keep your place across multiple devices. I slowly consumed this grand novel like one would eat a small elephant. A little bite here and a little bite there;  on the train, on my tablet or at […]

  • You think you have Daddy Issues? – A look at Dostoevsky’s TBK

    For me there are two types of fictional books. Book’s that entertain and give you a shot of adrenaline from either a fright or some plot thrill; or a dose of dopamine from some romantic encounter. These types of writer’s are in a sense drug dealers. They provide a narrative that causes your imagination to […]

  • Paradox – Great for your life if you can incorporate it.

    There is something within us that dislikes and likes paradox at the same time which of course is in itself a paradox (Hence, the success of Terminator). For some reason there is something that seems to resonate on a deeper level with humans when they are forced to unhinge from the neat packaging of reason […]

  • Review of Stephen King’s novella anthology – Different Seasons

    How (and why?) can a Steven King short story become the foundation for the highest rated movie on IMDB? Think of all the movies that have been made with millions (billions?) of dollars in special effects and perfect looking actors and actresses and none of them even come close to the ratings this movie puts […]

  • What a Turn Around!

    Well, The last week has been like day and night compared to the last post. The kids blasted through the silver medal (10 hours) and Drew even is reading for fun! Once again I think the keys are good incentives and GOOD BOOKS. I am able to email the library with lists that I put […]

  • Summer Reading NOT Going as well as hoped.

    Well… Summer reading has not gone as well as hoped.  It is hard for them to want to read instead of watch TV, or play with their toys or… It didn’t help that we went camping for two weekends in a row and then spent most of the week away. I am finding it hard […]

  • Poetry Results are In!

    Well, the poetry didn’t go over as well as I hoped it would. I guess the poems I picked were probably a little bit too much for their ages.  I just wanted to expose them, though, and even if they don’t ‘understand’ them (why does everything have to be understood?) I think it was a […]

  • Next reading Challenge – Poetry!

    Ok, before we do another round of 3 books I wanted to expose the kids to some poetry. So, I found some poems that are pretty straight forward and a couple that are a little more abstract. I put them each on a piece of paper and let the kid’s read and talk about them […]

  • The Book Review Winners Are – Drew Daywalt & Kate DiCamillo

    So, it is turning out that we pick three books and the kid’s read all three and then they tell me what their favorite one is and why (maybe will get some video of this). Then, thanks to the nice review sheets from the ‘Book-It’ program by Pizza Hut they write a review for me […]

Got any book recommendations?